I decided to make one for my family because I really enjoyed doing one for my friends.

So basically I'm doing some aesthetics with colors I think can be used to represent my family and try to match those colors with things that I know my family loves or enjoys doing.

red, car, and aesthetic image aesthetic, red, and vintage image fruit, aesthetic, and orange image Temporarily removed red, vintage, and aesthetic image red, angel, and aesthetic image
beautiful, blue, and landscape image fruit, sunglasses, and food image cielo, flor, and flower image aesthetic, theme, and blue image yellow and aesthetic image butterfly, nature, and sky image
Temporarily removed sky, sunset, and hand image 35mm, 90s, and aesthetic image azul, blue, and mar image aesthetic, city, and light image blue, neon, and planet image
green, mermaid, and mint image etsy, rhinestones, and vintage jewelry image green, cactus, and indie image aesthetic, blue, and necklace image Temporarily removed Image removed