sooooo if you go check the articles i've written so far, you'll notice that i already have an article up on this account with the same title. well, i wrote that article that kinda got viral nearly 2 years ago at the age of 16 and let me tell you, i am not exactly proud of what i've written it and i find it cringey now but that's the best part of writing, right? You get to see how you've evolved as a person only by reading what you've written in the past. i just thought it would be a good idea to write an article with the same concept and give you some insight on what i really think what 'glowing up' means now, 2 years later at the age of 18 :)

glowing up for means bringing out the best version of yourself, taking care of yourself not only physically but most importantly mentally which i did not touch up on that article i wrote 2 years ago and which is also pretty much. let's gooo

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social media detox

yes, it's not a secret that social media harms your mental health and you might know that already but you can't seem to quit it because social media is quite addictive. just by scrolling through instagram can make you very miserable about yourself because you see everyone reaching their goals and being successful. you just gotta remind yourself that people want you to see things that they want you to see. obviously people only want to share their best and happiest moments online and they don't want to share their struggles. instagram is super fake and very superficial that's why i deactivated my account in February which made me feel good about myself because i had no one to compare myself to and it made surprisingly more productive.Sometimes you gotta take a break and remember that you should never compare yourself with anyone because not everyone has the same journey and that's ok, your day will come too!

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cut off negative people

sometimes it's hard to do that because you think about all the memories you had together and you probably share a lot of history with them but a friendship is no longer a friendship when they make you feel bad about yourself. but before you decide to block them and ghost them without an explanation, just let them know how you feel and that you have to distance yourself from them. i did that once with a friend and we didn't talk for a year ( we didn't hate each other or anything) but we slowly started to talk again and we're good friends now. i think she cared about me that's why she probably thought a lot about how she treated me. Maybe that'll be the case for you if they do care about you and if they don't, don't let them in your life. so surround yourself with people who love and care about you and with whom you can be yourself!! and know your worth!!!

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writing helps

i consider writing very therapeutic. writing down your thoughts/feelings whenever you feel upset, sad or angry can lift so much weight off your shoulders especially if you feel like you can't talk to anyone. writing down your goals and reading them over again can make you more motivated to achieve your goals. writing down the things you like about yourself and reading them repeatedly can make you feel empowered and proud of yourself. in conclusion, start writing or write more!

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trust and open up more, seek professional help if needed

trust issues is be caused by betrayal and if you've experienced that, you know how hard it is to open up. bottling up your feelings inside is never good and can even make the situation worst. our mind is so powerful and sometimes the negative thoughts can be so convincing. letting yourself be vulnerable can sometimes be scary but you have to allow it sometimes especially in front of your friends and family. everyone is going or has been through some struggles and you're not alone!! you should never think that you're a burden because you matter!! don't be afraid to seek professional help if needed!!!

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take risks and get out of your comfort zone

can't stress this enough!! do whatever you want to do such as asking your crush out, go on adventures, stuff that you never had the guts to do so. what is life without taking risks, right? you don't wanna life your life in regret, so if you want to take risk, the perfect time is now!! But it doesn't always go as planned and that's totally fine. Failing is something you have to do in order to succeed, you just have to keep trying until you're satisfied but the most important thing is that you've at least tried and that's something you should be proud of!!

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forgive yourself

ever find yourself thinking about the mean, embarrassing or stupid shit you've done/said at 3 am? because me right now. we're all humans and nobody's perfect, everyone makes mistakes just don't let these mistakes define you. Just because you made a mean comment you regret doesn't make you a mean person. You good as long as you realize that you're in the wrong and that you apologized. learn from your mistakes and move on.

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mind your damn business

sounds so aggressive but it's true. if people are talking shit about someone, don't participate because you probably don't know the whole
story which gives you no right to judge or to give your opinion. If Karen moved on after 2 days and gotta a new boo, mind your business, if someone's wearing a dress with some jeans underneath, mind your business. Focus on yourself because that's the most important thing.

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love this, it's well said

that's the end, this was so much fun.
thank you so much for reading, that means a lot, trust me!!
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