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name: kendra sewick


segovia amil and girl image segovia amil image girl and segovia amil image fantasy image


quotes, angel, and Devil image quotes, destroy, and good girl image diva, lolita, and women image Temporarily removed

preferred style

butterfly image Image by ? Temporarily removed black, fashion, and dark image

formal dress

elie saab image fashion, dress, and black image gold, fashion, and feather image fashion image season 4 and svenna image fashion and runway image

wedding dress

fashion, runway, and model image fashion, aesthetic, and dress image catwalk, chains, and dress image dress, gold, and ralph lauren image flowers, hair, and gold image fashion, runway, and beautiful image

hair style

hair, hairstyle, and style image hair, hairstyle, and gold image


crown, Queen, and black image crown, king, and Queen image crown, red, and aesthetic image love and fantasy image


rings, vintage, and jewelry image rings, accessories, and gold image


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wander around the kingdom and learn about the magic that surrounds her life


eyes, black, and demon image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
she can speak with the deads


james mcavoy image james mcavoy and actor image
a kind hearted man who respects her wants and beliefs. he's not really a prince, but she loves him and that's what's important


Image removed black, aesthetic, and crown image anna popplewell, queen mary, and reign image Image by typical noldo angel, art, and statue image berlin, hogwarts, and photography image
she was always surrounded by death. her mother died giving birth. she couldn't remember the last time she saw her father smiling, he was always in mourning. at some point in her life, which she doesn't remember, kendra began to see people who were no longer alive. so that was how she felt most comforted when she saw and spoke to her mother. it boosted her desire to know more about death and the dead. one day kendra meets a boy and falls in love. but death pursues her trying to end her plans to be happy ever after.

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