This are some pictures and colors that I believe that represent my friends quite right. The pictures and colors are based on their personalities and things I know they love.

nails, aesthetic, and Nude image aesthetic and white image hands, jewels, and rings image hair, girl, and aesthetic image book, aesthetic, and white image water image
beige, aesthetic, and brown image aesthetic and brown image aesthetic, car, and grunge image Image by 𝖌𝖑𝖔𝖜𝖊𝖓𝖟 aesthetic, beige, and brown image aesthetic, dog, and soft image
colors, Dream, and floral image backpack, car, and flower image aesthetic, yellow, and camera image yellow, flowers, and aesthetic image aesthetic, yellow, and flowers image yellow, aesthetic, and fashion image
aesthetic, sun, and peach image flowers, pink, and rose image peach, theme, and aesthetic image words image pink, baby girl, and makeup image Temporarily removed
orange, aesthetic, and flowers image orange, aesthetic, and lips image orange, aesthetic, and flowers image car, vintage, and aesthetic image music and record image bikini, fashion, and fit image
travel, city, and aesthetic image peach, aesthetic, and light image color, coral, and pantone image chanel, bag, and luxury image aesthetic and coral image flowers, theme, and orange image
aesthetic, girl, and yellow image aesthetic, pink, and beach image pink, flowers, and aesthetic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It makeup, pink, and glitter image pink, sky, and clouds image
red, aesthetic, and self love image heart, necklace, and red image girl image red, love, and aesthetic image book, punch, and black image rose, flowers, and red image
stars, light, and purple image red, neon, and aesthetic image heart, neon, and light image purple, aesthetic, and moon image sky, pink, and clouds image ugh, grunge, and street image
Image by Rose xx Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed clouds, sky, and unicorn image Temporarily removed
green, stars, and night image book, vintage, and photography image green, sky, and aesthetic image aesthetic, sorry, and green image green, aesthetic, and city image Temporarily removed
aesthetic, dark, and black image aesthetic, dark, and coffee image aesthetic, black, and dark image black, book, and dark image aesthetic and dark image dark and aesthetic image