Maybe you will see this post and you will think that is just another weheartit article.But for me this is a way to speak out the thing that is killing me these days.And yes this is the only way i can say this because nobody out there really cares about this.So if you keep reading just know i am thankful.
I just don't know what i do wrong but most of the time i feel like nobody really need me.I have a group of friends and many times i am that “left out” one.And the worst of all is that i don’t know why people do that to me.Like I'm always trying my best.But nobody out there really thanks me,on the opposite they are acting like assholes to me.I never want to hurt anyone and I'm always trying to make people feel good.But even though i do that,i always feel like they are trying to make me feel like crap.I had a lots of friends,and they all have lost me because they always lied to me or just don't care about me even though i did everything for them.It doesn’t matter if i try and support everyone,they never thank me or respect me for that.I feel like I'm trying for nothing.”you deserve the best” they say and then act like I'm the worst person in the world.i just hate that.They know I'm sensitive especially about friendship and they are using that to hurt me even more.I know i don't deserve this.So if someone tells you to always be good,don’t.Because people will be playing with your feelings.thank you for reading.I won't lie it's kinda better that i said all this.bye