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Fire Force

Airi Hokkaido

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Airi, Japanese name meaning “love/affection.” Hokkaido, a touristy island southeast of Japan.


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Pale purple eyes, pinkish burgundy hair, fair skin


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Third Generation: The Dragon’s Roar. Airi is able to produce her own flames using her unnaturally intense body heat & can release it only from her mouth. She can also inhale or “eat” other flames from various sources, making up for energy.


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Spicy Japanese foods, ice cream, cute things, little kids


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Eccentric, hyper, upbeat, moody, adventurous


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Comfy, cool, street style


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Airi has lived & helped out in her family’s restaurant since since she was a little girl. Part of the reason for becoming a Fire Soldier was to make good money & make her family’s lives easier.


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Airi absolutely loves Iris & they both get along so well, while Shinra is her protector against a lovestruck Arthur. While Airi & Tamaki were actually friends in high school.