great songs i discovered lately, enjoy!

  • Middle of Somewhere - The Neighbourhood
aesthetic, nature, and tree image Temporarily removed
Everyone is an alien when you're trying to find your place
  • fuck, i'm lonely - Lauv ft. Anne-Marie
Image removed car, blue, and light image
Your fingers through my hair, that's on my mind
  • Vincent - Sarah Connor
Image removed boy and friends image
Mama, [...] ich glaub' ich muss sterben, was wenn mein Herz zerbricht?
  • hot girl bummer - blackbear
red and blackbear image creepy, smoke, and vaporwave image
This that hot girl bummer anthem, turn it up and throw a tantrum
  • i'm so tired... - Lauv ft. Troye Sivan (stripped)
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Party, trying my best to meet somebody, but everybody around me is falling in love to our song
  • Один На Один - 5sta Family
love, couple, and kiss image Image by s ♡
i honestly have no clue what exactly the song is about (love i guess) but i still love it lol
  • Rooftop - NOËP
friends, city, and sky image Temporarily removed
Singing from the rooftop, turning all the lights out, fool around like there's no one here
  • My Smile Is Extinct - Kane Strang
white, paint, and purple image timothee chalamet, boy, and actor image
I used to ask life to kill me slowly but now I beg you, just get on with it
  • Gracia - The New Raemon ft. McEnroe
love, couple, and girl image eyes, eye, and beauty image
Arde el cielo en mil colores y se refleja en sus ojos
  • I'll Still Have Me - CYN
bed, home, and bedroom image friend, happiness, and moment image
Maybe in another life everything worked out alright and things that made this harder passed us by

that was it, i hope you liked the songs as much as i do. if you did, you can find part one here:

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