For this new school year I'm planning a brand new routine for me. The goal of this new routine is to organise myself better, understand myself in a better way and also to glow up.
And this are the ideas I came up with.

I'll try to wake up earlier so I have more time to organise myself and I won't be super stress in the morning. From now on I'll try to have healthier food for breakfast, maybe some toasts with fruit on top of them or natural smoothies.

I feel motivated for this new school year so I'm ready to be concentrated at class and take as many notes as I can. I will be buying new school material soon and I'll probably show you in my next article, I'll also talk about new study techniques that I came up with.

When I'm at class I always feel so hungry that's why I'm looking for some healthy snacks ideas. I'm thinking about preparing macedonia or healthy sandwiches.

After school I'll have lunch and do my homework. I'll read the notes I take in class and try to memorise them so when the time of studying comes I'll already know most of the things. I'll also will go to the gym, I think it is great to disconnect and also to stay fit and healthy.

I'll be drinking tea every night so it helps me losing weight and that way I'll also be drinking more water. I'll prepare everything for the next day so I can get ready quicker in the morning.

So these are the things I have think of for my new routine, I hope it inspires you and I might do a more complete one in the future.
Have a wonderful day!