hi guys!!!! I wanted to do an article about a story i'm writing on Wattpad.The story is in french,so this is particularly for french peoples who follows me or read my articles (or even for foreigners who understand or learn french<3).

-My wattpad is @/h0rrorvinyl and the story is called "Venice Bitch" (hi lana i love uuuuu).

The summary (in french) :

⤷ Lorsque la vie se résume aux virades chez le disquaire et aux rêvasseries , on ne peut pas espérer que la vie change en une nuit. Un accident, un simple mais terrible accident a suffit pour déclencher le chaos dans la vie de Margot, pour que son quotidien devienne un rêve intense dont elle ne peut pas se réveiller.

-The summary (in english) :

⤷ When life boils down to go to the record shop and daydreaming, you can not expect life to change overnight. An accident, a simple but terrible accident was enough to trigger the chaos in Margot's life, so that her daily life becomes an intense dream which she can not wake up.

anyways i hope u will like it ! have a great night !!!!