Hello! I'm back!
Today, I'm introducing you to Hannah and Joseph, the personifications of the Gryffindor house.


They both have green eyes, freckled skin and ginger hair, red and bright as the prettiest of sunsets.

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Hannah wears a lot of flowery dresses and Joseph t-shirts. He always wears jeans and one of those typical jock jackets. Hannah loves to wear her red all stars.

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Brave, courageous, great-hearted and daring.

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Hannah loves singing and does it all the time.However gets suddenly shy when anyone points it out. Joseph learned how to play soccer and cannot stop doing it.

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Hannah patronus an eagle and Josephs's is a snake.

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Animal Friend

Hannah has a black cat named Nyx and Joseph has a great grey owl named Lloyd.

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Favourite Classes

Hannah loves history of magic and studies of ancient runes. Joseph loves divination and astronomy.

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Favourite Spells

Hannah favorite spell is muffliato which blocks others from hearing her sing. Joseph uses confundo when playing soccer with his friends a lot.

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Circle of Friends

Hannah and Joseph besides being siblings are also each other's best friends. They tell each other everything.

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Love Interest

Hannah is currently in a serious relationship with Luccas. Joseph is in love with Daniel, a Slytherin boy (who doesn't like a bad boy?).

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Yule Ball

Hannah wore a big red dress and her hair in a bun too complicated for me to describe. Joseph wore a black ordinary suit. In one of the pockets it's hidden a silver and green pocket watch that his sister gave him.

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Seems that you'll have something to match Daniel's outfit after all. - Hannah when she gave him the watch.


Hope you enjoyed it.
Stay tunned for the last house.



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