I know I may not be the most experienced in life as I have only spent a mere 16 years living
but after 16 years of life I have came to a conclusion
life is just going in circles
I never really thought much into 'the circle of life" saying but now I understand it
life is a continuous loop of repetitive events
and it is very hard to break out of
once you have started in your loop its extremely difficult to end it
or change it
I have realised my loop and its events and repetitions
obviously these events aren't identical
if they were more people would realise they are living in circles
because that's the thing
its hard to realise you're living in a loop
the loop is routines but not just that its so much more
we are creatures of routine we all wake in the day sleep at night
we sleep eat work eat sleep
it is never ending and I'm still unsure if this circle can ever stop
is it possible to end this loop of continuity?
I don't know
but I understand my loop now
my loop is one of
being in a bad place mentally or physically
almost getting out of it and then ending up back in a bad place
my loop is tiring and one that many others can relate to
these circles are all similar
and it is all very much to think about
Im not sure if I am making any sense but
I just cant stop thinking about it
this life and circles' similarites