Hey everyone! As summer is coming to an end and school is right around the corner, I feel like it's time to slowly change your habits and mindset so you can perform your best on this new school year. Think of this moment as one last opportunity to take care of your body and mind before everything starts again. Stress and drama will come up, but all you can do now is prepare yourself the best you can, try to settle these habits now, so you can use them as an advantage during the new school year. And if you're wondering how, come along!

Adjust your sleeping habits

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I don't know about you, but I have been going to bed SO LATE and waking up when I should be having lunch- no, I'm not proud of it, but it's part of being off school :). So if you want to look your best on the first week of school, start by going to bed a little earlier everyday. It won't be as hard to wake up on the day school starts if we begin to change this habit a few weeks before. Let's do it together?

Do yourself a favour and drink water

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Drinking water is something so basic and essencial and yet we tend to forget to do it. Set a reminder on your phone and then you won't have an excuse. Being hydrated will allow you to fell more energized and ready for this next amazing year of your life. PS: pLeAsE buy a reusable water bottle!!!

Move your body!!

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Even if you don't really enjoy working out, make an effort to find something that makes you feel happy. It can be dancing around in your room, going for a walk with your dog, running, swimming. Anything is valid as long as you're happy, doing it to increase your well being and
sweating a lot. Working out is definitely a healthy habit and it's best if you make it part of your routine before school work comes to the picture.


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Yoga is so must fun!!! If you have never tried it before please do, there's so many yoga teachers on youtube ( you should check out 'Yoga with Adriene', she is the one that made me feel in love with it). It doesn't matter if you can't touch your toes or aren't flexible at all, you will see improvement on that matter and so much more. It gives you strenght, self-awarence, a time to take care of yourself, allows you to escape your own mind while connecting to it at the same time. It's pure magic.

Get inspired and motivated

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  • What are your goals for this next school year? Better grades? To create more meaningful human connections? Whatever it is, write it down. This way, it's always there for you, as a reminder of the things you can and
  • Create a vision board, it's fun to search for inspirational images and looks very pretty on photos!!!
  • Create a collection here on We Heart it with images that inspire you! This type of platform is always great to gather motivation to work harder towards your goals.This is my school related collection if you want to take a look:

Go Shopping

For me the best thing about school is back to school shopping! So go buy those cute notebooks you have had an eye on and invest in some nice clothes that will make you fell confortable and confident.

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Pamper yourself

A self care day, with your friends or alone is always great, but espeacilly when the anxiety starts to kick in. Use a face mask, paint your nails, cut your hair... just make sure you take care of yourself and relax. During school is so easy to forget that our bodies need attention too, so since you have the time now, make sure to use it on yourself.

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Change your room

Changing your environment is always great to start fresh and with a new mindset. Make sure everything is practical and organized, it will make your life way easier. Other thing that is really helpful is to reorganize your wardrobe and get rid/donate what you don't wear anymore.

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In and out. We underestimate the power that a couple deep breathes can have on our mood and mental state. Getting stressed over something that hasn't even arrived in your life won't be beneficial in any way so just have a deep breathe and feel the peace that comes with it.

Enjoy the moment

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You will have to wait a whole freakin' year to reach the moment you're in now. Enjoy the remaining days you still have before school. Go on one last bike ride, have a goodbye-summer hangout at your house, accept how summer was, even if it wasn't exactly how you expected, just do one last things off your summer bucketlist and kiss summer goodbye.

Hopefully you will now be feeling like a better version of you. Thanks for reading. You are beautiful and I'm sure this next school year you will shine!!

Rita <3