Like the title say, it's an article about vocational guidance and not about self-care and confidence. Okay, just a little.

So, since a couple of day, I'm questionning myself about my future. I'm anxious about my future. Since I was 15 years old, I was thinking that I wanted to be journalist and I was focused on that but since a couple of day, I'm not so sure.

I'm french and I live in France, and vocational guidance is a little bit complicated here. I quite my journalism studies for something less expensive because I don't have the money like a lot of people. Now, I want orient me in the events. But I'm kind of lost and it's scary because I have a dream. I have dreams. And I know, all around the world, I'm not the only one who is lost and anxious about future. So, even if I'm lost too, I have advises about that.

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Dear lost people,

Your dream isn't over. You have the right to cry if you need to, you have the right to be scared if you want to, you have all rights because it's your life. I know it's hard to change your plan and being scared because it's a new adventure you are not prepare but be strong and focus on what you really want, the destination. Myself, I've organized from A to Z my next 5 years but the plan had to change and it's scary and it's a weird feeling. The thing is, you're not lost in your vocational guidance, you're just in an unkown area, out of your comfort zone.

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If your plan that you have organized don't work, change it. It is not your destination that changes, it's just the path. And if you changed your mind about what you want to do, it's okay, uou have the right, because it's your life. It's normal to be anxious and scary and frustrated because it's life, it's your life and it's precious. Please, don't give up.

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And you still have the Gilmore Girls for take your mind off things.

Diana Tomaas.