This show is so addicting. The camera work, makeup, characters, music just everything was so impressive and beat my expectations. So I thought it would be fun to do imagine myself into the show ..

Basic info

name: amy
age: 18
star sign: gemini


Abusive image girl, black and white, and smile image girl, icon, and baby image aesthetic, black, and dark image art, drawing, and hands image nails, pink, and bath image


aesthetic, makeup, and glitter image aesthetic, beauty, and fashion image lips, aesthetic, and glitter image makeup, girl, and aesthetic image bad, body, and f image Temporarily removed


grunge, vans, and aesthetic image Devil, red, and aesthetic image aesthetic, clean, and girls image Temporarily removed Devil, red, and hell image Abusive image

Style everyday

fashion, style, and outfit image Temporarily removed aesthetic, clothes, and clothing image Image by Deja chanel, ferrari, and flower image aesthetic, babe, and baby blue image


dress, fashion, and inspiration image blogger, body, and catwalk image fashion and girl image fashion, dress, and style image


aesthetic, fun, and girl image Image removed


girl, cindy kimberly, and wolfiecindy image girl and Halloween image


background, Psycho, and wallpaper image quotes, Devil, and pretty image quotes, dog, and inspiration image Image removed funny and meme image daddy, dominant, and gif image


cassie, euphoria, and hbo image euphoria, alexa demie, and sydney sweeney image

Love interest

euphoria, fez, and hbo image blackandwhite, bw, and couples image euphoria, fez, and hbo image euphoria and fez image beautiful, cry, and king image Image removed

She's a super cute girl with a bad side which is why she connects so well with fez. She loves her friends, aesthetically pleasing beauty and anyone with a sense of humour. ❤️