Define yourself : Discover who you are , what do you like , what do you dislike , describe your personality , what do you love about yourself , what does your ideal look like , list five unique things about yourself , how do you want people feel around you , list some words or quotes you love

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Inspiration : who are you inspiration , fictional characters , personalities , fashion icons , ideal lifestyle , wandrobes , quotes

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Mood Board : Some ideas of what to pin :
-go through your things you like and pin accordingly
-imagine your ideal life style , how you what to spend your mornings , trips you want to take ,hobbies you want to try
-how does your ideal home or bedroom look
-what clothes and outfits are you drawn to
-pin scenes from films and tv shows that inspire
-art and quotes that make you feel how you always want to feel
-image with colours that speak to your soul

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Present : let this ideas inspire you, to achieve you , let that take over you ,but don' forget the first step the definition of you , be you biggest inspiration , don't limit yourself , and don't worry about what is cool

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Hope this post has been helpful