- Aries -

colored hair, hair, and hairstyles image finger, fingers, and hand image Temporarily removed eyes, eye, and theme image red, girl, and aesthetic image drink and wine image
" When she's mad, even the demons run for cover..."

- Taurus -

aesthetic, angel, and blonde image angel, aesthetic, and gold image aesthetic, art, and lolita image angel, wings, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed sky, clouds, and aesthetic image
" Angels are never too distant to hear you."

- Gemini -

art, Devil, and drawing image Temporarily removed aesthetic, alternative, and art image Devil, boy, and aesthetic image cool and rose image black, feels, and hell image
Satan ( We love you, Gemini ❤)
" And then Satan said, "put the alphabet in math..."

- Cancer -

angel, aesthetic, and art image bed, couple, and lovers image Temporarily removed art and rp theme image Image by Art Lover game of thrones, hair, and got image
"Angels remind you that you are infinitely loved."

- Leo -

dress, fashion, and gold image art and aesthetic image eyes, fashion, and makeup image wings, angel, and model image angel, wings, and aesthetic image model and Jessica Stam image

- Virgo -

wings, white, and feather image girl, lace, and white image girl and gloves image angel, white, and sculpture image wings, angel, and white image awesome, beautiful, and clothes image
" She see your tears, even when you smile..."

- Libra -

angel, aesthetic, and statue image dress image angel, necklace, and aesthetic image girl, water, and beautiful image blue, aesthetic, and ravenclaw image Image removed
" Angels have no philosophy but love."

- Scorpio -

black, aesthetic, and hands image dress, fashion, and girl image quotes image Image by larksings angel, wings, and wallpaper image horns, dark, and demon image
" Darkness lives in me."

- Sagittarius -

black, dark, and Devil image aesthetics, angel, and bad image makeup, beauty, and eye image beauty, girly, and shoes image Temporarily removed black, crow, and raven image
" She was soft as an angel but oh, she could love with the fury of a demon."

- Capricorn -

grimes image Temporarily removed satan, black, and grunge image Temporarily removed moon, light, and neon image hands, dark, and black image
" Be careful who you trust, the devil was once an angel."

- Aquarius -

Devil, aesthetic, and purple image quotes, aesthetic, and black image fire, blue, and hand image stars, glitter, and black and white image moon, night, and sky image fire, blue, and grunge image
" All monsters are humans."

- Pisces -

Temporarily removed aesthetic, archive, and soft image pink, aesthetic, and angelic image aesthetic, wings, and feather image flowers image unicorn, white, and horse image
" Angels wear theirs wings in their hearts."