Charlotte Sonya

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She has ocean eyes with dark brown hair.She is weak and tall.She looks stylish and cute.She looks romantic.


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She is really cynical,stubborn,kind,headstrong and determined.She is strong about feelings.But she is very intelligent and elegant so her beauty and intelligence makes her special.

Prefferend Style

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In the balls,she wears fluffy dresses but in real life she wears comfort things.

Formal Dress

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fluffy,elegant dresses in magnificent balls


hair, girl, and hairstyle image blonde, hair, and ponytail image
Straight but sometimes can be wavy


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pearls, gold, and perfume image ring, jewelry, and aesthetic image aesthetic, necklace, and heart image gift, girly, and so cute image
old times jewelry stays soft on her


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reading books,archery,riding horse and playing piano


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She can controle water and electricy.


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Someone who is helpful,smart and positive.


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Her mother is dead and she is living with her father.His father send her a lot of balls.She has a schedule and she have to accord it.Her routine is going balls in evenings,take lessons about a lot of things(astrology,flower names,lady lessons about how to make much of books eg.)One day,she meets a boy and quickly fall in love with him.But in there,you havent got a permission of love.She tries to run away there and at the end of the story she achieves it(with her prince T_T)