Dear me,

It's been a long time since I first thought about writing a letter to myself, but now I'm here to do it.

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I just wanted to say that you have to wake up and do something with your life.
You are eighteen now, you have to concentrate.
You have one year left of school. Study. And Hard.
No one will help you this year.
You are an adult and you must take your damn responsibilities.
Keywords for the school year: HARD WORK
Put aside boyfriends, friends, Netflix, Youtube and other distractions and go get those notes you want.

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Do your training.
Swim like there is no tomorrow.
Beat your best.
Swim fly, because it's your stroke.
Go get back those muscles you lost during the summer.
Swim, swim because it makes you feel one thousand times better.

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And dude, eat healthily.

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But don't forget that you must have fun.
Go to parties and festivals, but only on Saturdays and during holidays.
Have fun. You deserve it.

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And last, dress like a queen, please.
Look stunning.

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This is all I wanted to say.

Love u, N.