Hello everyone, I hope you're having a great day, here is a lookbook inspired by the 90's. Hope you enjoy!

Tank tops

accessories, aesthetic, and apparel image 90s, aesthetic, and behind the scenes image fashion, outfit, and pretty image Temporarily removed

Baggy Pants

fashion, outfit, and style image aesthetic, edgy, and outfit inspo image fashion, style, and outfit image outfit image


girl, fashion, and style image asian fashion, clothes, and clothing image fashion, pink, and style image bella hadid, model, and beauty image

High waisted jeans

friends, 90s, and monica geller image fashion, red, and style image 90's, angel, and fashion image beige, bell bottoms, and casual image


brandy melville image tattoo, body, and girl image fashion, outfit, and style image black, grunge, and tumblr image


black, blue, and casual image champion, fashion, and style image yellow, fashion, and adidas image fashion, grunge, and korean image

Mini Skirts

blue, fashion, and outfit image fashion, yellow, and style image inspo, outfit, and skirt image skirt, grunge, and clothes image


fashion, outfit, and style image fashion, style, and red image Temporarily removed fashion, girl, and clothes image


aesthetic, retro, and style image aesthetic, cyber, and dark image nike, blue, and dior image lips, aesthetic, and glitter image
Hair accessories, platforms, coloured glasses, sparkles, shiny stuff.

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