I have to be funny because being hot is not an option

me whenever i look at everyone: why am i the only ugly person

being my ex must be the worst thing. imagine losing me?

I am a savage. Couldn’t you tell? I warned you I’m part heaven and equal parts hell.

I want better. I want to be better. I’m going to be better. I’m going to make better choices. Every day I’m committed to making decisions that will make my life better.

My role in my relationship isn’t to save my partner, it’s to be a support system for them.

I do not have time for things that have no soul.

Show no effort and I’ll show no interest.

The love that i want, is the love that i feel like i deserve.. a love that I shouldn’t ever have to ask for or force. That right there is amazing, anyone who has that is lucky..

lets bring back romanticism im tired of trying to be rational. were all dumb and we all want love

I did not come this far to settle for less than I deserve.

I was so used to playing the victim, that I didn’t realize that now I’m the person, that hurts someone they love.

Fuck everyone who makes my life less enjoyable.

They say that you like the bad girls, honey, is that true?

I never found as much comfort in anything, as I have falling asleep to the sound of rain.

It isn’t the whole process of falling in love that scares me. No, it’s the worry that I’ve fallen for the wrong person again that does.

But you can leave if you really want to
And you can run if you feel you have to
And I can drink if I feel I have to

I don’t play by your rules! I can drink at 11…A.M.

I want a relationship that’s just like super cool friendship with like kissing

I am literally such an easy person to satisfy. Give me a snack, hold my hand, kiss my forehead, look at the moon and stars with me, hand me a wild flower.

Cheers to me doing whatever the fuck I wanna do

I hate going to the kitchen and finding out I’m the only snack in the house

Give me books, French wine, fruit, fine weather and a little music played out of doors by somebody I do not know.

I’m responsible for taking care of my old wounds. My healing is in my hands. I’m going to take care of me.

I miss my man who’s not my man very bad feeling!

My mistake is that instead of treasuring a good one, I’m still playing with the bad ones

It’s the good things that’ll drive you mad with missing them

why would I go out drinking with my friends when i can drink at home, alone, in the shower….. crying

i love being grabbed!!!! like yes, grab my face to make me pay attention!!!! grab my hair while you’re kissing me!!! grab my thighs!!!! grab me!!!!!!

someone: what’s wrong??
me: oh it’s over already don’t worry lol

I dont chase, I replace.

Everything that was said to me I seemed to have heard before, and I could no longer listen. I hurt people I cared about, and insulted those I did not. I cut myself off from the one person who was closer to me than any other. I cried until I was not even aware when I was crying and when I was not.

I'm working on me.

Before you talk about me, talk to me.

I need one of those long hugs where you kinda forget whatever else is happening around you for a minute

I was sad for 2 mins then I remembered who I am

“I’m stressed and depressed but at least I’m well dressed.”

I care too much about everything and everyone and it just hurts me in the end

‪lord please remove the negativity in me‬

i miss being excited to talk to someone

I never care until I care too much.

We break our own hearts I guess…