The very first book iread in July was...
Red, White, & Royal Blue by Casey Mcquinston

{The first Son of the United States falls in love with The Prince of wales after a rather disastrous incident at a wedding which forces the two of them to fake a friendship to wave off rumors of the two countries not getting along}

This book was incredible. the love story was truly the most beautiful and epic love story I’ve ever read about in a book. it made every single part of my body smile. I loved the political part of this book and the dynamics of the two countries. the setting was stunning it was beautifully descriptive without being word-y and the characters!! the characters were some of the best I’ve read about. Alex was so dynamic and i loved that i knew exactly who Henry was despite the book not being told in his point of view, and Nora and June were also really great characters with good little story lines that i really appreciated. I would put this in a top 5 of my favorite books of all time. 10/10
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"Christ, you are as thick as it gets,” he says, and he grabs Alex’s face in both hands and kisses him.

Aristotle And Dante Discover The Secrets Of The Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz

{Ari is a confused, angry, lost teenage boy growing up in El Paso Texas who doesn’t have many friends and doesn’t know how to swim. Dante is a happy go lucky know-it-all who does know how to swim.
The two boys paths cross one day when Dante offers to teach Ari how to swim at the public pool. After that day the two become best friends who dare to discover the secrets of the universe with each other}

This book was truly beautiful. i loved the setting and the good relationships that both Ari and Dante had with their parents. and how simple and pretty Ari and Dante’s friendship was. The characters were perfect. every single one had great personal depth that i thought was really stunning. Dante was my favorite character that i’ve read about in a long time. their were little details i loved like the cherry red truck and Ari’s dog Legs that rounded out the book really nicely. not to mention how perfect the last page of this book was!!

only downsides were sometimes i felt it tried a little too hard to be aesthetic and the layout of the book in general i found to be a bit annoying (i mean seriously, how many parts does one book need to have?) other than that i really enjoyed this book. 9/10

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“Do you think we’ll ever discover all the secrets of the universe?” “That would be a beautiful thing, wouldn’t it, Ari?”

Queens Of Geek by Jen Wilde

{3 friends, 2 love stories, 1 supacon.
Charlie is a rising movie star and youtuber who recently suffered through a nasty public breakup with her co-star Reese. And She is desperately searching for a break from all the drama.
Taylor is a very popular member of a fandom online but in the real world she’s shy and likes to blend in. this is a book that follows 3 friends who fly from Australia to California for a convention. one friend is there as a guest and the other two are there as fans.}

This book was amazing for the way that it handled difficult issues such as bi-erasure, bi-phobia, autism/Aspergers, feminism, social anxiety, fat shaming, and toxic relationships. it was also very inclusive. we had a asian main character, a plus size main character, and a woman of color love interest. the love stories were cute but definitely a tad rushed. the writing style felt a bit fanfic-y but other than that i really enjoyed it. The characters were well thought out and interesting with lots of personality. but i felt like there wasn’t much for plot but it didn’t necessarily feel lacking. 7.5/10

“Whenever I get too involved in little things like gossip or rumors or life in general, I look up and think of that Unicorn’s Rose. No matter what happens, it’s a constant beauty that will always be shining down on us. There’s something about knowing it’s up there, being all quietly miraculous, that always makes me feel better. It reminds me of what’s important, and what most definitely isn’t.”

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What If It’s Us by Becky Albertalli and Adam Silvera

{Arthur is in New York for the Summer with his mom and dad working at his mom’s law firm. He’s a outgoing broadway nerd with a love of all things Hamilton.
Ben is a New York native who loves to write, is struggling in school, and is trying to work through a breakup.
The two boys paths cross at a post office one day but will their paths cross again? Maybe if they work for it.}

This book was cute but i felt like maybe the romance was a bit forced at first until it just turned into unnecessary mush and melodrama. Still, i liked all the characters, and the setting was nice. and the ending was definitely not my favorite but all that being said i still liked it. 8/10
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“Never say never,” Arthur says. “Right?” So much hope hangs on one word.

The Unhoneymooners by Christina Lauren
{Olive is the unlucky twin, always has been, pretty much everything in her life has been a failure, especially recently, when her roommate bailed on her and she was let go from her job. but now her twin sister is getting married and she’s going to have to deal with her worst enemy, Ethan, the best man. When things at the wedding turn sour do to food poisoning from the all you can eat seafood buffet only two people are left standing, Oliver and Ethan, and the honeymoon is theirs for the taking.}

Olive was a great character, well rounded, strong and relatable personality, inclusive body style, and funny. Ethan was charming, handsome, interesting and hilarious. the storyline was interesting and well thought out and the side characters were interesting as well. i loved the setting of this book, i mean who doesn’t want to read about a vacation to Maui? Ethan and Olive’s relationship was a hate to love with so much romantic tension in between. it was literally the cutest! Also, this book was funny as f*ck! literally the funniest book i’ve ever read. But let’s look at the downsides, due to the fact that the book is told in just Olive”s point of view, Ethan’s character is confusing. He goes from a hard ass, egocentric maniac to this really amazing guy who’s supposedly always ((spoiler alert!)) had a crush on her since their first meeting?! It just didn’t seem very well thought out. 9/10
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“Someone keep an eye on Ami’s sister because too many glasses of champagne, and there’s no way that dress is staying on.”

The Hating Game by Sally Thorne

{Lucy Hutton is charming, likeable, and accommodating. She’s loved by everyone at Bexley & Gamin, well, almost everyone. Joshua Templemen is her insufferable, rude, and disagreeable coworker who happens to share a office with her. In the time they’ve shared trapped in a office together all week long they’ve come up with various games to pass the time. The staring game, the HR game, the mirror game. Lucy is determined to beat josh at everything. Including the new promotion that’s up for the taking. Thus ensues The Hating Game.}

As far as characters go, Lucy and Josh were some of the best i’ve read in a long time. They both had so much personality which was really refreshing because books tend to only have one super interesting main character whereas this one had two. i especially loved both of their backstories and family relationships, as well as the intense chemistry. This book was just really really cute! 8/10
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“You sure do love strawberries.”

Her Royal Highness by Rachel Hawkins

{Millie Quint has always dreamed of going to Scotland, specifically to the castle-like boarding school that resides in the hills of the highlands but something has always held her back, currently it’s her sort of girlfriend/crush/best friend who she just found out has been kissing someone else. Now seems like the perfect time to make the move, especially when she receives word she’s been accepted.
Upon arriving at the boarding school everything seems great, that is until she meets her new roommate who’s snotty, stuck up, and beautiful, but also happens to be the princess.}

This book was so cute, it was definitely short though, i wish it had been a bit longer! I really liked flora’s character she had a lot of personality and her sarcasm was one of my favorite parts of this book. Millie’s character was just okay, i think she needed a bit more personality because i felt she lacked quite a bit in that department. i loved the side characters but i wish they’d spent more time with them. As far as actual writing style goes this wasn’t my favorite, i felt like it could’ve been done a bit better. But the actual romance in this made up for any negatives because it! was! so! cute! Flora and Millie were absolutely adorable and i’m kinda obsessed!! 8/10
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The Wicked King by Holly Black

The sequel to The Cruel Prince

Spoiler warnings!! If you haven’t read The Cruel Prince yet but plan to, this review does contain spoilers!
{After the shocking revelation that Oak is an heir to the throne of Faerie Jude must do everything she can to protect her younger brother. She’s bound the high king of faerie, Cardan to her so that she can get as close to the throne as possible. She’s navigating the ever-shifting politics while also doing her damn best to keep Cardan under control while he does everything in his power to undermine, disagree, and complicate everything jude is doing. It becomes abundantly clear that someone close to Jude is betraying her, attempts on her life are made, and as the lives of those she loves are also thrown on the line jude must do everything she can to maintain control while being a mortal in a immortal world.}

Okay so The Cruel Prince was one of the best books i have ever read, i loved it so so much and i was so super excited to read the sequel but when i started it (2 months ago) i was just not feeling it, but i decided to restart it and i’m glad i did, comparatively, this book (in my opinion) was just no where near as good as the first but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good book. The characters were still just as good. the politics of Faerie were even better. but plot line wise i felt like it dragged out for a long time until everything just kinda rushed together at the end. i really did love the ending though, it was super unexpected and my jaw literally !dropped! 7/10
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My Folk Of The Air Collection

Beautiful Player by Christina Lauren
{When Hanna Bergstrom receives a lecture from her overprotective brother about neglecting her social life and burying herself in grad school, she’s determined to tackle his implied assignment: get out, make friends, start dating. And who better to turn her into the sultry siren every man wants than her brother’s gorgeous best friend, Will Sumner, venture capitalist and unapologetic playboy?
Will takes risks for a living, but he’s skeptical about this challenge of Hanna’s…until the wild night his innocently seductive pupil tempts him into bed- and teaches him a thing or two about being with a woman he can’t forget. Now that Hanna’s discovered the power of her own sex appeal, it’s up to Will to prove he’s the only man she’ll ever need.}

((All creds go to Goodreads for that review, i just found this books synopsous difficult to articulate.))

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"Oh Victoria." he said, giddy. "Do you have a secret?"

I also reread The Off Campus series and The Briar U by Elle Kennedy, so here is my other article where i talked about them, my sister’s article where she talks about them (as well as her Off Campus aesthetic collections !), and a Good Reads link so you can read all about them if you’d like :) I’d give Off Campus a 10/10 and Briar U a 9/10

Leah On The Off Beat by Becky Albertalli

The sequel to Love, Simon

{Leah Burke, a drummer, artist, and best friend of Simon Spier, is almost always on a rhythmic road through life, despite her struggles of being an only child to her young single mother, a anomaly in her friend group, and a in the closet bisexual. As Leah moves through senior year, things are very different from what they've been in the past, her mom's got a new boyfriend, a new person in her friend group, and a boy who's crushing on her hardcore, all while she prepares to go to college the next year. Will Leah be able to find a on beat rhythm for her life? Or will everything she's worked so hard for burn to the ground?}

Okay so, was this book good with all of its bi-rep, body positivity, and poc inclusiveness? Yes! of course! i loved all of those things about it, but there are a lot of things i have a problem with. so here's 5 reasons as to why its not good. (possible spoiler warning ahead.)
Number 1. Leah is extremely dislike-able, she's always angry and bitter for no real reason, dishonest with the guy who has a crush on her, she's horrible to her (nothing but kind and supportive) mom, bite-y and disrespectful to her friends, stubborn and bitchy. Really, all she does is complain. There's this whole thing about how she loves how she looks but i think she's actually incredibly insecure and she doesn't know how to handle it or what to do about it so instead she just takes it out on other girls who don't look like her.
Number 2. There was no storyline. a book with literally no plot? no climax? no real storyline? No thanks. this books prominent "storyline" was just Leah complaining about why her life sucks more than everyone else's.
Number 3. When Abby expresses to Leah that she thinks she's bi. It's handled so poorly i cant even describe it. Abby has just begun to figure this part of herself out and is still a bit confused about it all and her telling Leah is a really big step. Abby tells Leah that she thinks she's a little bit bi. and what did Leah do? She FLIPPED out and started verbally attacking Abby stating that it was impossible to be a little bit bi and that she just needs to come out and say that she's bi and otherwise she must just be ashamed and blah blah blah. This is all coming from the girl who's practically too scared to admit to herself that she's bisexual. I mean, what the fuck? No one is forcing Leah to define her sexuality so how is it her job to tell abby that she needs to? just a few pages later Leah says that "Gender is just a social construct" which makes no sense that Leah would say that because shes apparently a strict believer in a strongly defined sexual label. How can she say something like that and yet not understand that sexuality can be, and is, fluid? I mean what the fuck was that?
Number 4. Morgan, a random and unnecessary character that was forced into the book so that we could have a horribly done attempt at addressing racism. It was awkward, poorly done, and felt more like an after thought than anything else.
Number 5. Becky Albertalli is white, straight, and she had absolutely no business writing about most things in this book.
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I feel like a campfire. Like i could burn for days.

So that's everything i read, hope you enjoyed! Make sure to leave a heart and a reaction <3