There are days when you just want to shut yourself inside your room and never come out. There are days when coming out of the bed is harder than anything ever seemed in life. There are days when nothing seems to bring back the light that used to flood your routine. It throws you off your loop and everything seems unattainable and just too difficult.

There are days like that. They come and they linger and sometimes they don't wanna go away. But love, someday you'll have to face them. You'll face them and you'll realize there are days when you're stronger than you ever thought you were. There are days when you can gather what little force you had left and make way for yourself, because you deserve it.

Today might not be that day yet. But someday, it will be. And God, will it be beautiful to see. How you make every day, your day.

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always remember you are as brave as you can be

be joyous,always,