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My kitty isn't living with me anymore I feel that I've lost my only child I miss her so much I keep expecting her to be laying on my bed or waiting to greet me at the door. I'm going through a lot of financial difficulties and could not keep taking care of her and give her what she needed to live happily. I gave her a choice to stay with me or she could go outside and be free (since she used to be a stray) and she left. My man is at work and I feel so alone and sad, i wish she would've stayed with me...

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I went into the ER two days ago and I'm still so tired, turns out I have a virus in my lower left bowels I thought I had an infection from my etopic pregnancy but I was given kidney meds, nausea meds and morphine because the pain was so bad. I recieved my first IV and it took awhile to find a vein that the IV would stay in so I've got some bruises. I'm on some meds to help it feel better, I'm just so sad about my kitty and feel crappy I don't want to take care of myself.

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I am ready to move out of my Dad's place and find a place around town to live in with my man. Just bought out a lease from our last apartment there was always problems with it like gun shots but I'm happy all of that is done with. Hope I can find a nice house to rent from with some roommates otherwise a place wont screw us over again.

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Still waiting on my rainbow baby, I feel that It will be soon which I am excited about. I just have to relax and be more motivated and follow through. My goal is to start eating more food (healthy food), get at least 5 things accomplished everyday and posting more articles on here. I think it will be easier when we move out so we don't have to hear all the gossip, lies and drama that is always going on where I'm currently living.

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I've been trying to clean my room so it's more of a relaxing and comfortable environment versus the messy and I am not going to do shit vibes. My 5 goals for today is to post, do laundry, tidy up room, pack up Olive's things and to start researching apartments and homes near my man's job.

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I'm attempting to stay positive and look at the good things that are happening and have happened. I am going to complete 5 things today even if they arent on my list for today! Thanks for letting me vent enjoy hearters!! If you need any support or just wanna chat feel free to message me I don't bite! - Californiadreemer