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1. go to a pumpkin patch

autumn, pumpkin, and fall image
pick out cute pumpkins together!

2. pumpkin carving

Halloween, pumpkin, and cat image
carve the pumpkins you picked out together!

3. go to a corn maze

autumn, corn maze, and black cat image
try not to get lost- or try to get lost together haha

4. go apple picking

apple, theme, and aesthetic image
so much fun, especially in the mountains

5. bake a seasonal pie

pie and food image
you just picked apples and pumpkins, might as well bake some pies! it's so fun to make a mess together then eat those pies later on.

6. visit a haunted house

dark, house, and night image
oo spooky

7. go to a halloween party

danny phantom, cartoon, and Halloween image
wear matching costumes, bob for apples, have fun!

8. go to a bonfire

friends, beach, and girls image
enjoy an autumn night with friends, your boyfriend or girlfriend, and marshmallows!

9. watch a scary movie

movie, light, and garden image
cuddle up during the scary parts!

10. have fun on a hayride

fall, fun, and pumpkins image
enjoy the fall sights!

11. go on a bike trail

autumn, fall, and leaves image
enjoy the autumn scene and the cool air together!

12. have a coffee date

aesthetic and coffee shop image
get a hot drink, share some pastries, lounge around and people watch- so much to do!

13. go on a hike

Image removed
beautiful views and a great way to stay active!

14. go shopping

fuzzy, store, and sweaters image
shopping is always a fun date idea, but especially when it's for sweaters!

15. build a fort

bed, room, and bedroom image
snuggle up!

16. go stargazing in the country

sky, stars, and night image
make a blanket fort in the bed of a truck and drive out to see the stars! there are so many amazing constellations in the fall and the best place to see them is where there isn't any light pollution!


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