1) Bucket Hats

bathroom, black, and fashion image pink, aesthetic, and sunglasses image

2) Ring Earrings

beauty, fashion, and girl image book, sunglasses, and earrings image

3) Sweatshirts

fashion, yellow, and outfit image outfit and sweatshirt image

4) Converse

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

5) Mom Jeans

outfit, casual, and fashion image fashion, outfit, and aesthetic image

6) Backpacks

aesthetic, vans, and alternative image Image removed

7) Rings

fashion, style, and gold image book, aesthetic, and rings image

8) Socks

Image removed converse, black, and grunge image

9) Dr. Martens Boots

sunflower, flowers, and aesthetic image black, fashion, and outfit image

10) Denim Jackets

fashion, style, and outfit image Image removed

11) Beanies

Image removed Temporarily removed

12) Bear Jackets

bear, emma, and fashion image fashion, style, and jacket image

hope u like it

-day xx