Are you ready to face?

We exactly know what are we. We are billions of serial killers.
We are human beings. We are alive. We are breathing. We are consuming food and all the things needed or unneded around us ,untill the last day of our lives.
From the very first day of our lives till the very last day of our lives. This is the diffrence that makes sense us and everything. We are more developed than the other living beings. We can think, we can talk, we can communicate, we can make choices.
This is an evidence that tells us that we can think,we can imagine, we can develop something, we can make a plan,we can take care and we can take action. Probably you haven't noticed the meaning of these steps. These are the steps of saving world. Of saving our and every living beings life. Yeah, I know it was great to live unwittingly and without responsibilities. But today, you need to take action. Even the action isn't for someones life. Do it for yourself. Maybe for your grand grandchildren. They need this planet. They need Amazons, (Don't you think that Amazons are great?) They need some fresh air like you need. I hope, I hope we are not late to do something. We can start from not polluting air, not throwing garbage around. I don't say collect the garbage that is around. It's enough If you don't throw them. I don't say feed animals. It's enough if you don't harm them. Save the nature with not touching, with not harming. It can heal Itself around. Just don't touch. We humans destroy everything nowdays. We destroy even ourselves. We are not aware. We are asleep. We are in death sleep. Sweet dreams to everyone.

Please share this IF you want to take an action and IF you care about Amazons.