Sadly the summer is over and we need to go back to school.
So I decided to share with you I do before going back to school.

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I prefer my bag to be very simple: one color or with little cute pattern. The color should be something basic because I am going to wear that for 9 months (not a neo yellow). Also- big enough for my books

1. Pencil pouch

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idk bout you but im totally in love with these.

2. Planner

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I always keep a planner so i can write notes, homeworks, my schedule, etc. You can always design one by urself or just buy one.

3. Pens and pencils

pen, study, and colors image cute and pencil image Temporarily removed yellow, pencil, and aesthetic image
I need pens in all colors, one mechanical pencil and a normal pencil. I prefer Schneider and Bic.

4.Erasers and highlighters

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5.Sticky notes and colorpencils

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6.Ruler and calculator

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7. Looots of notebooks

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8.Folders and files

color, colors, and colours image note image

9.Water bottle

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§stay hydrated kids§


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and ofc the books...
  • +EXTRA+

Always keep a purse for:

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If you guys enjoyed this and this article gets lots of hearts, im going to continue with the second part of ^back to school^.