You already know i snapped on my summer playlist this year so here are the staple songs of my summer.


Image removed Image by Moon HD
This song has been on repeat since before the summer even started and PRETTYMUCH is my guilty pleasure so...

Love songs 4- Diamond white

music, songs, and summer image black beauty, carter, and diamond white image
Diamond never fails to come out with good music but this song is so cute.

Moving on- Cosha TG

couple, love, and Relationship image city, vintage, and happy image
This song was in my recommended and its such a vibe.

Can we go back to bed- Bazzi

music, soul searching, and bazzi image couple, bazzi, and couple goals image
Bazzi's girlfriend must feel so special after hearing this song because it even makes me gush.

All for us- Labrinth+ Zendaya

euphoria, zendaya, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
I watched euphoria this summer so every song from the show will always remind me of this summer.

Face to face- Ruel

icon and ruel image hipster, indie, and tree image
I have no idea how many times iv'e listened to this song but its definitely at lest 40, what can I say I love Ruel.

Juicy- Doja Cat

doja cat image friends, rain, and girls image
A whole VIBEEEEE. I started listing to Doja this summer and this song just makes you want to move.

Sandstorm- Mereba+ JID

music, sandstorm, and mereba image summer, girl, and car image
This song is a whole different vibe and it makes me feel some type of way i don't know but it's so good.

RNP- YBN Cordae+ Anderson. Paak

memes, friends, and ybn cordae image art, girl, and aesthetic image
If we haven't noticed Cordae's whole album made my summer but this one in particular iv'e been listening to for a while.

Waste love- Machine Gun Kelly

july 5th 2019 image L image
Iv'e been listening to Hotel Diablo since the beginning of the summer and I feel like this song is totally different from the rest on the album.


Austin, blind, and boys image girl, vintage, and food image
This song has been out since the beginning of the year but I was really feeling it this summer.

BMO- Ari Lennox

music, ari lennox, and shea butter baby image Image removed
I recently... rediscovered Ari lennox and this song is one of my favourites on the album.

Feel the vibe- BJ the Chicago kid+ Anderson. Paak

music, bj the chicago kid, and new album “1123” image couple, sky, and nature image
Iv'e know about this song for a while but I didn't actually start listening to it recently.

Costa Rica- Dreamville

album, cover, and revenge image rain, girl, and smile image
This might be one of my favourite songs of the year it'll lift up your mood and make you feel like a baddie.

Nothing to me- Snoh Aalegra

b&w, black and white, and feelings image friends, girl, and beach image
Once I memorize the lyrics to this I will be content and feel so accomplished.

Life back- Rico Nasty

Image by 💙😇 90, colors, and girls image
I started listening to Rico this summer and this is one of the first song is listened to by her.

Slow dance- AJ Mitchell+ Ava Max

aj mitchell and cantor image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
This song is really popish and sounds like something they'd play on the radio but I really like it.

F you I love you- Kyle+ Teyana Taylor

pizza, girl, and food image Image removed
This colab is so good it's my usual R&B vibe. The music video is aesthetically pleasing too.
That's all the songs that I have to share with you today. I hope you liked it. I got all of the aesthetically pleasing photos from this collection, you should give it a follow.
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