hello beauties ! today is a good day because i'm finally writing my first article on we heart it ! i didn't want to do an presentation article like "my name is ... i'm... yo and i live in..." so i tried to do something more original : my chinese portrait. here we go !

if i was... a song

my favourite song rn is de mon mieux by nekfeu. this song is my fav because the lyrics are completly what i am, i mean when i listened the first time this music i had goosebumps and i litterally felt in love with the melody. nekfeu is a french rapper who is quiet famous in france. i recommend you to listen to his musics, they are just amazing!

nekfeu and ken image

if i was... a book

if i was a book i'll be turtle all the way by john green. i loved this book, but i cannot tell you why, it's just like, i can read this book again and again i don't get tired. (i also love all the john green's books, get a look on them!)

book, john green, and turtles all the way down image
turtles all the way by john green

if i was... an objet

if i was an object i'll be headphones because i always listen to music : when i wake up, in my shower, when i go to school... music is litterally a part of my personnality !

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

if i was... a clothe

if i was a clothe, i'll be jeans, unhesitatingly ! it's basic, it works with a sweater, with a shirt, a tee shirt... with any top !! i love it, specially mom jeans because you can have any style you want : vintage, classy, streetwear... you HAVE to buy mom jeans if you don't already have it in your wardrobe.

mom jeans image
a perfect outfit with mom jeans

if i was... a city

if i was a city i'll definitly be lisbon, because it's a wonderful city, with all it's colorfull buildings, with it's floor tile blue and white in all the city, with it's tipical shops and restaurant... (and also because i'm portuguese... :))

lisbon image

if i was... a season

if i was a season i'll be autumn. i love autumn because we go back to school, and it's quiet weird but i love school, because the weither is perfect: we can go outside with only a tee-shirt or a sweater and jeans, because the nature is beautiful when trees become orange and because i love halloween !

aesthetic, fruit, and photography image
autumn vibes

if i was... a room of the house

ifi was a room of the house, i'll be the kitchen. i looooove to cook, specially sweets, but i also like to cook meals for my family. i can spend 3 hours in the kitchen only for one cake !

Image removed
my dream kitchen

i hope you enjoyed this first article, and i'm coming soon with another article !

have a nice day ♡

PS : sorry for my english, but i'm french and i write on we heart it to be better in this language ;)