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I only wear high waisted skinny jeans because I don't like seeing myself with baggy jeans and low rise jeans (idk why?). I generally wear jeans and random t-shirts or random sweatshirts cause I have a more casual and laid back style. But sometimes I feel a little "preppy" and "fancy" so I wear blouses/dress shirts and ankle boots. I love black/grey jeans, I usually wear white/black/grey but sometimes wear different colors and patterns. It depends on my mood.

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I wear vans a lot, I also wear those basic low white converse, and sometimes ankle boots when I'm in the mood.


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I wear natural makeup most of the time, for school and stuff. But on special ocasions I go all out with the glitter and highlighter. I never use lipstick only lipgloss. I never use falsies. And I rarely wear foundation and any other type of face makeup.

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carbonara, burguers (but not the fast food type), fried chicken and curry.


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leopard gecko and llama

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| Love, Rosie | Me Before You | SAW | IT |


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| Game of Thrones | Meteor Garden | Love O2O | Brooklyn nine-nine |


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| Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama | Say I Love You | Ao Haru Ride | Fushigi Yuugi |


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| Orange | Kyou No Kira Kun |

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| The Selection Series | Everything Everything | Looking For Alaska | An Abundance Of Katherines |

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