The aesthetic of an art hoe.

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The art hoe color palette includes dark green, warm yellow, camel, mahogany, navy, brown, peaches, and a few others.

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Art hoes wear unique and often peachy makeup. They often have winged liner and blush on their cheeks and nose, along with a black or peachy lip color. They also often have medium to THICC brows. If they feel particularly artsy, they will paint flowers or put glitter on their face. They also draw other things on their faces, such as clouds. Depends on the mood, really.

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Art hoes wear Korean backpacks, such as Bubillian backpacks, or, most often, Fjallraven Kankens. They wear retro-like outfits and giant t-shirts, especially ones with art memes. Shirts with long sleeves are often worn under their t-shirts. They also wear mom jeans or loose shorts. For shoes, they wear old converse paired with cute socks. If they're feeling extra, they will sport some flowers in their hair or pockets. They also often wear flannels, cute dresses, oversized clothes, totes, hair clips, a LOT of thrifted things, and gay shit.

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Art hoes typically use WeHeartIt, Pinterest, and Instagram. They also use Snapchat. On their social media you will find plant pictures, art inspiration, art memes, talks about how they wish they could be in RISD, and some of their random bullshit. They also post pics of their room, sketchbook, and their music as well as ootds. When they take photos, they add cute doodles, filters, and emojis.

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Art hoes are plant moms. So what if they kill all their plants? If they die, they just live on as dried flowers and such. They're also most likely broke because art supplies are expensive asf. They draw on every surface they find, from old receipts to their skin. (Also why a lot of them have tattoos, most often stick-n-poke ones.) They live on instant noodles and like stores such as Muji, Goodwill, and a few others. If they aren't drawing or painting, they're most likely spending their time at cafes and small shops, or perhaps thrift flipping.

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Hope this helps! :)
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