💘I took a short trip earlier this week, and whilst touring the town, we came across a much-loved old tradition of attaching love locks 🔓to a bridge and throwing the key 🔑 into the river.
💘The tradition originated from Hungary 🇭🇺 and NOT Paris💘. Lovers believe locking 🔒up a padlock on a bridge and throwing the key 🔑 into a river is a symbol of eternal love and devotion to each other.
💘What I learnt from observing this old love 💕 tradition is how people try to secure their love without God. In Africa some women go to the extent of using witchcraft to seduce men, pastors, men in position with wealth through food, makeup from shrines and personal contact.
💘The only third party in any relationship should be God. The anchor that secures any relationship is God almighty. God created marriage and He alone can ensure security in your relationships. He is the padlock holding your relationship together✌🏽💘💕💕.