Hello! I was pretty busy yesterday and I wasn't able to write so I will upload two articles. Today I'm going to write about a mythical creature according to @brownhaireddreamer 's challenge:

I suggest doing this challenge because it willl help you boost your creativity and imagination and it's also better than scrolling all day on instagram or youtube.
Day three
What is their personality like; can they be very selfish or rude at times? or are they very selfless and kind?

Selene is very sarcastic and isn't a girl that you can mess with.

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She likes to mind her own business but when she sees that someone is taken advantage of, she stands up for him. Apart from that she doesn't like to get involved in other people's arguments. Most of the time she is quiet and uses her face expressions very often.

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She isn't afraid to tell her opinion and she is being herself all the time, because she feels like she doesn't need to be accepted by others.

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