This memory will forever be embedded in my head.

So I was like what, ten years old when this happened. We lived in an apartment complex, right? So my mom and I were walking around the buildings, casually strolling in the parking lot. We were talking about random stuff that I don’t really recall (I suck at remembering quotes), and we reached the other building, which was on the opposite side of ours. So we’re chilling, talking, strolling, when a car pulls in. It was a red, fancy car. A convertible.

We didn’t pay much attention to it. We were minding our own business, and the car parked. If we had an idea of what was about to come next, we would’ve turned around and went the other way, not walk right next to the car.

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(I wish it was Harry.)

So the car was parked, the engine still running. Then, the owner, a middle-age dude wearing white, I’m sure, got out, pulled the backseat door open and out jumped a freaking dog. A chihuahua. A hyper AF, tiny, panting chihuahua. It looked like it was on drugs. That’s how much it shook.

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Our brains sometimes take time to process the information. The fight or flight system acts rather quickly, but sometimes our brains can’t wrap our heads about something. Like my brain was like… wait what?


So you must be like wow, it was a dog not a damn wolf, it’s not a big deal.

Right? Right?


It was a HUGE deal. Let me tell you guys something. This girl points to myself has freaking dog phobia. So does my sisters and my mom. So when that dog jumped out of the backseat, it WAS like a freaking wolf in my eyes.

And the greatest part? The owner didn’t have it on a leash. Hahahahaha cries

The dog saw me and my mom and charged. I don’t know if it was playfully coming towards us or it was threatened and wanted to eat us. Whatever it was, it scared both of us. My mom ran! She didn’t have to because the dog was after me, but it’s a phobia; she couldn’t help it. So she went up the stairs thinking I was following, but I wasn’t. I was screaming like a maniac with a tiny dog after me, going in huge circles in the parking lot.

All this time, the owner was chilling in his car.

I ran to him, and yelled at him to put his dog on a leash.

Another great thing? He didn’t speak English. And I don’t speak Spanish. But after like pointing at his wacky dog, he seemed to get the clue that I was scared of it, and he got out and got a hold of the chihuahua. Right? phew

But that wasn’t the end of it.

As I calmly went back to my mom (lalalala) , I heard tiny tapping and a chain. I looked back. There it was again, the freaking chihuahua coming for me. What the hell! The dude had let go of his stupid dog again. AFTER I TOLD HIM NOT TO. I started sprinting again, up the stairs this time, mentally crying with my heart pounding like crazy. I know you’re not supposed to run when a dog is chasing you, okay? But it was a reflex. Stop judging me. My mom was waiting up the stairs for me, and when she saw the dog behind me, she ran the other way with me following her. The dog was actually about to climb up the stairs, too, but his owner went looking for him apparently and he whistled and the dog left.


Just wow.

We almost got a heart attack. No biggie. I know a lot of people do not like chihuahuas. I can see why… So yeah, my dog phobia is real. I mean, I am scared of like all animals because as a child, I wasn’t encouraged to hold a dog or a cat or a lizard (omg never would I touch a lizard), so it kind of stuck with me as I grew up. It’s so hard living in Miami, being scared of dogs, not speaking Spanish. But we won’t get into that. Not yet.

Wrapping up with that, I would like to say thank you for reading. I hope my misery brought a smile on your face hehe. I’m joking. I laugh about that day all the time now. I’m still scared of dogs, but I guess, a little less. I would want to have a small pup or a cat once I get over the fear. Fish are too boring in my opinion. Remember to put your dogs on a leash when you go out. A lot of people are allergic to dogs and there are some weirdos like me who are scared.

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