Bonjour ❣️ In this article I'll try to clear up some difficulties of the French language

1- tu / vous (you)

In French you can translate "you" by in two ways: "Tu" or "Vous".

  • Tu: 2nd personal pronoun of singular used to talk with family, friends, close people, kids and teenagers.
  • Vous: 2nd personal pronoun of plural used to talk with people you don't know, teachers.
2- On (we)
  • 3rd personal pronoun of singular. You can translate it in many ways:

- We (familiar)
- Somebody, someone

Male & female (féminin & masculin)
  • In French (in Spanish too), words are female or male. You have to make adjectives agree with the noun they modify.
  • Usually you just have to add a -e at the end of the word.


Une jupe bleu e.

A blue skirt

Image by ♡Amaryℓℓis♡ Image by Victoriʌ Pʌlvin

"Jupe" is a female word so I added a -e at the end of the adjective "bleu"

Une joli e. fille

A pretty girl

actress, girl, and music image Temporarily removed

"Fille" is a female word so I added a -e at the end of the adjective "joli"

Le joli garçon

The pretty boy

rapper, sexy, and g eazy image drew taggart image

I didn't add a -e at the end of the word "joli" because "garçon" is a male word.

That's all for this article. I hope you enjoyed it and you understand something because I'm maybe not clear. If you need help send me a postal card and I'll try to help you.

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