moon, night, and city image city, sky, and beautiful image
passing by the city at night and it lights up so bright looking like stars fell on the ground but in a colors of a fairylights. so magical
anime, bl, and Boys Love image Temporarily removed
watching person you love in silence and simply admiring him/her at that moment. maybe they giggled and it was so adorable. maybe sunrays hit their face so perfectly. maybe they made a random weird noise that sounded so funny that put a smile on your face. they're not even trying. they're just being themselves. in that moment you feel warmth inside your chest and you realize how much they really matter to you

when the movie is over and you start questioning your whole existence and life choices. at that moment you get some boost of energy and it's like you can change a world. like you're different person now and you can do anything you want. you start watching everything around you from a totally new and different perspective and you start noticing something you never even paid attention to before. for example I often find myself staring at stars after finishing a movie and thinking about stories behind each one of them

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gif, pink, and screen capture image anime, gif, and shower image
late night burning hot showers during winter/early morning chilly showers during summer
Image removed anime meme and singing meme image
learning the whole lyrics of your favorite song and every time it comes on radio or you randomly hear it somewhere you start singing so proudly from the top of your lungs