hi, i have decided to make an article for all my current crushes because i have alot, maybe an unusual amount. they all are very different from each other, personality, style, looks, etc which gave me the idea to make this, anyways here it is. (i renamed some of them just in case, one of them comes across my account)


lips, aesthetic, and pink image aesthetic, icon, and kawaii image lonely, grunge, and pale image hello kitty, pink, and cafe image
soft, but bold, not scared or shy but often quiet. smart but biased, blonde with an attitude


angel and fashion image couple, aesthetic, and grunge image dark, aesthetic, and black image aesthetic, grunge, and daddy issues image
gothic style but also enjoys soft colours, beautiful piercing brown eyes, very short and opinionated


red, aesthetic, and bed image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Temporarily removed red, drink, and aesthetic image
very hard worker loves to party and drink but as well childish things like disney and mermaids, a real life ariel.


Image removed sims and people image icon image aesthetic, alternative, and fashion image
very sociable and easy to be friends with but also very filled with anxiety, trendsetter and very comedic.


aesthetic, bling, and diamonds image beach, water, and gold image sunset, aesthetic, and sky image aesthetic, eye, and girl image
kind and thoughtful. naturally beautiful, and not someone whose bad side you want to get on.