Day 13

What does your character's enemy look like?

Evelyn Anne Smith

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Age: 22 years old
Birthday: 30th October 1996
Zodiac: Scorpio
Living: Cleveland, Ohio, USA


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Evelyn has a blonde hair and bright green eyes. She is taller than Lara and she is slim. And she's very hot.

Her style

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Evelyn is very elegant so she loves skirts, dresses and high heels. She adores her Gucci belt.

Day 14

What is your character's enemy personality?
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Evelyn is from very rich family and she's spoilt. She loves gossips and talking about her friend behind their backs. Evelyn is such a good liar. She looks innocently, but belive me...she's not. She is rotten inside.

Their relationship

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How they met: When they were just kids. They were in the same kindergarten.
How they became enemies: Evelyn and Lara was close friends and Evelyn was in her squad but in high school, in Freshman, Evelyn met new people. She met a group of mean girls and she started gossping about her friends and about Lara. Lara found it out and she was so angry and sad. They ended their friendship and became enemies.

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