name: alice joanna cecily katherine moore
birth year: 1671
real age: 348
physical age: 22
birthplace: london, england


beautiful, eyes, and girl image Temporarily removed girl, hair, and vintage image beautiful, brunette, and castle image
dark green eyes that turn yellow when she uses her abilities, brown hair


vampire, aesthetic, and Halloween image sea, ship, and pirate image fire, dance, and witch image Temporarily removed
bored of london, she boarded a ship for america at age 19, that ship was captured by pirates and she willingly joined their crew. she sailed with them for three years before the crew was split up after almost being captured. she found herself in salem during the witch trials. they accused her of being a witch and attempted to kill her but some vampire sfound her and turned her, helping her to escape.

style- before

belt and pirate image Temporarily removed castle, french, and medieval image Temporarily removed
pirate clothes and dresses that are easy to move in

style- now

fashion, style, and outfit image edgy, fashion, and leather image girl, hoodie, and outfit image alternative, converse, and fashion image
tomboyish. ripped jeans, vans, leather, hoodies, converse


quotes, spaghetti, and wallpaper image Image by 塞雷娜 eyes, black and white, and aesthetic image quotes, funny, and pathetic image badass, black, and quote image badass, black, and quote image


winter, snow, and bed image winter, snow, and christmas image aesthetic, bed, and beige image Image by alana
a little house in vancouver, canada


quotes, empathy, and words image Temporarily removed
superhuman strength, superhuman speed, empath


glasses, men, and teen image quotes, drugs, and grunge image quotes, love, and stars image Temporarily removed
one of the vampires who helped her, peter is actually the one who turned her. they didn't get along at first, but they gradually grew to accept and eventually love one another.