Hey WHI!

It's been a couple months since I graduated college which means taking on the real world and adulting. Being the jack of all trades that I am made me realize that I wanted to do a lot, maybe too much for the time being. So, I divided and narrowed down everything I could do for my first year into the real world which will help me succeed and get closer to my goals.

The goals and changes I'd like to see for my post-grad year 1 is full of habit and lifestyle changes, taking on more responsibilities physically, mentally, emotionally, and financially, and picking off where I left off.

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Also, yes, this is a photo of me. I was at the art fair earlier this year and this lady went up to me and asked if she could take my photo. She then proceeded to give it to me afterwards.

I was gonna make my cover image a polaroid of fellow Filipina, Christina Nadin but I felt like it would be more appropriate if it was a photo of me and not her. After all, these are my goals and plans. I thought putting my photo would help manifest everything if that makes sense.

Okay, enough of me rambling, here are my goals, habits, and lifestyle changes for my post-grad year 1!

Track Down Everything

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Everything from the the big things such as responsibilities, things to remember, and IDs and accounts you need to settle to fun, little things such as a wishlists and ideas. It'll help me stay organized since I think of too many things at once.

Get a Job as an Art Teacher

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Currently in progress! I've been working on creating more pieces to show my versatility. I also feel like teaching kids has been natural to me. It'd be nice to put my Fine Arts degree to use and help these children create awesome artworks they could be proud of.

Go Back to Therapy

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I've been clinically diagnosed with a couple of things when I was 15 and I never got proper or consistent treatment afterwards. It's been tough and I've been doing self-help as much as I could but for the sake of my well-being, I made it a point to go back soon.

Workout and Gain Weight & Muscle

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I've been naturally skinny my whole life due to fast metabolism but I'd like to change that. I have gained a couple of pounds all thanks to eating right and consistently working out and it boosted my confidence. I'd like to continue disciplining myself to reach my goal weight and body. This is also in preparation for the girlhood dream aka pro-wrestling bootcamp.

Write and Illustrate a Children's Book

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My college thesis was actually about children's literature and fables. However, I feel like the end result didn't do my thesis much justice. Writing and illustrating my own children's book would mean so much to me since reading was a huge part of my development as a child and I loved it so much. I also feel like it would be a second chance to prove myself and the people who have doubted me wrong.

Make More Art, Grow Portfolio

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Continue creating and improving! This also means no more being shy about my art and sharing it more often on my social media. And of course, protecting my works by doing two watermarks; a main, visible one and a tiny, hidden one. I also made it a point to educate myself on metadata.

Invest in a Food Kiosk Business

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My boyfriend told me that it's important to put all your eggs in one basket and this food kiosk business is one of my eggs. My mom told me that having a business that caters to the masses is a good source of income. Once I get a job, I plan to start saving up for this business.

Support Local Makeup Brands

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Part 1/2 of being an ethical consumer! I wanna start purchasing and trying out local brands because a lot of the time, you get quality makeup for a really affordable price. It's always fun supporting and trying out products from locals.

Thrift More Often and Follow Personal Style

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Part 2/2 of being an ethical consumer! Making a WHI Board has helped me find my personal style. I believe that knowing your personal style is important because it makes you more sure of what you're buying and if you're really going to wear it. Thrifting is also great because you can find amazing clothes without spending too much.