am I really that fashionable.


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now, into the fashion questions!

1) what is your go-to concert outfit?

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I go pretty basic, just a simple plain t-shirt or one that I designed with ripped jeans, probably with a pair of Vans.

2) wyr wear a perfume called sugar cookies or honey blossom?

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I'd have to go with honey blossom because I personally prefer flower and citrus sents over sugary and earthy scents.

3) do you prefer neutral coloured shoes or colourful kicks?

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definitely colourful kicks.

4) if you had to pick any song right now to ger ready to, which one are you picking?

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anything by The Chainsmokers. I'm trying to convince my mom to get us tickets to go see them in concert.

5) it's your first day of school, what would you wear?

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I used to plan my outfit for back to school weeks before, now that I'm a junior, I'm just gonna throw on whatever looks cute. I recently got some pairs of Fabletic leggings so I'm more than likely gonna wear those.

6) describe your fashion aesthetic in three words?

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comfy, casual and everywhere (everywhere because my fashion aesthetic can change, like one day I can go from wearing a dress to the next going all Instagram baddie).

7) if you were getting your nails done right now, what would you tell them you wanted done?

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full set of acrylic shellac nails, probably find a cute grey or a light/muted colour.

8) you're going on a casual date with jack from the titanic, how would you wear your hair?

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probably, just down, air-dried, maybe add some hair straightener curls.

9) what would you rather have a Chanel purse or Prada shoes?

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I'm not one for purses but these Chanel purses are kinda cute.

10) what colour looks the best on you?

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royal blue or white.

11) a cute boy walks by, tell me what he's wearing.

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I love it when boys wear a jacket over top of there hoodie. I could die right then and there.

12) you're writing a blog about fashion, what are you top three must-have pieces in your wardrobe?

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a nice pair of ripped jeans, a good pair of black leggings and just a simple plain t-shirt.

13) you're inspired to do a makeup look, but what tv show inspired you?

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Riverdale, I feel like I could do a makeup look based off of each character.

14) what cute animal would you be for Halloween?

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a cheetah or bunny.

15) if you had a clothing brand, what gemstone would it be named after?

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amethyst because it's the gemstone for February and that's my birth month. plus, it's a pretty name.

16) from 1-10, how confident are you when you dress up?

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probably a 2. normally when I dress up, my dad questions me on why I'm dressed up and my brother likes to point out all my flaws so normally I end up going to change my outfit before getting to wear it.

17) what is an underrated makeup product you absolutely love?

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anything by the brand essence. it's a very affordable price and the quality is really good. there products normally range from $1.50 - $15.00. I love there jumbo bronzer, it smells like coconut.

18) if you could give someone one piece of advice about fashion, what would it be?

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to wear whatever makes you feel good about yourself and that you don't have to keep up with the latest trends to "fit" in.

19) what season always has the best fashion?

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autumn. everything is so comfy and cozy looking.

20) lastly, pick a WHI outfit and rate it from 1-10, telling me what you hate or love about it.

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7. it's not my style of fashion but I love how it's all paired together, there's an edgy vibe but still a feminine vibe as well. I especially love the combat booties.

there we are! twenty questions are done!

thanks for reading my article! until next time!!!