Name: Irene May Caldeira
Birthdate: August 13th, 1914
Real Age: 105 years old
Age Appearance: 19 years old

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irene was turned by a stranger from france who was serving in the miltary, it took interest in and when he was rejected, he did not take it well.

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irene is a natural born charmer, easily to fall for and hard to take your eye off her mesmerizing beauty. she often gets in trouble for her inability to take in account others feelings which often leaves her alone, but because she is stubborn, she rarely apologizes. irene loves to explore and try new things. she often restarts her life, as a coping mechanism when mistakes follow after her. either way, she is kind and believes in equality and tries to do the right thing.

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irene often receives blood from other vampires who sell or steals from blood banks. if she comes across a bad person, she will drink their blood, and she never drinks animal blood

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irene is able to make others do as she pleases, unless they are vampires that are older than herself. she also has the power to gather information from someone just by a glance.

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anne silva, brought out the good in irene, she made her smile and laugh each an everyday. anne was the only person who knew irene's secret until she was unfortunately killed by another vampire, much older than irene, making her unable to seek revenge. anne was irene's only love and serious relationship.

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