isolde "sol "bonavich


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she' sassy and tough, not your classic princess. glad she's not firstborn. headstrong, stubborn, and cunning. a slytherin/ gryffindor mix


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blue eyes with a golden brown ring around the pupil, dirty blonde hair, a fair complexion, freckles

preferred style

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casual, loose-fitting, easy to move in. still cute though

formal dress

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big, poofy gowns that her uncle makes her wear after her parents die


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braids to keep her hair out of her face


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fighting, cooking, baking, dancing, horseback riding


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her powers are blue and gold, blue is energy manipulation and sensing emotions, gold is force fields and shielding


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rylan. not actually a prince, he is a castle guard who sol meets and falls for. he's her perfect match in every way: temper, fighting, stubbornness, looks, etc.


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sol is the fourthborn child of king helios and queen avellana. she has two older brothers, silas and alistair, one older sister, farah, one younger brother, jaime, and one younger sister, kenley. her parents were very lenient with their children, letting them do what they wished. sol was allowed to train with the guards in fighting and the cooks were allowed to teach her to bake. she befriended many of the guards and kitchen maids. her best friends were rylan, dawson, and nilson (guards), and roslyn and ilsa (maids). unfortunately, when she was 13, her parents were killed while visiting a neighbouring kingdom. her uncle, yousef, took over. yousef forced them all to become what he saw as "proper" princes and princesses. they all anxiously waited the day that silas would be crowned king. a few years later, there was an attempt made on silas's life. sol managed to stop it, and they suspected yousef was behind it. they gathered evidence and forced him to confess to attempting to murder silas and successfully murdering the previous king and queen, executing him for his crimes. silas was appointed king and they all lived happily ever after.