Oh my muse, i think of you whenever i write.
You're my muse.
My source of inspiration and
the paint to my canvas.

There is no reason to like you.

Especially someone like you.

There were so many guys like you,
but among all of them,
you stood out to me the most.

Everything about you is the opposite of ideal.

But in my eyes, you were special.

I didn't know how and when I came to notice you.

But before i knew, i was already looking at your direction.

Just seeing you from a distance,
listening to your voice,

Those simplest things would stir my heart like crazy.

Temporarily removed

I wrote stories about you from time to time.

I don't think i could ever stop writing about you.

No matter how long it has been, you still remain in the remnants of my memories.

These lingering feelings wouldn't disappear.

The more i think about you,
the more they overflow,
so i turned them into spilled ink.

Dream, aesthetic, and girl image

You were the muse of my poetry
The muse of my heart.

And forever a muse of mine.




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