I envy those who have met Stephen Hawking. He genuinely is my idol. The way he viewed the world astonishes me, and I admire that he always sought to question everything about what he deemed as reality and how it functioned. He was so driven by knowledge, yet took everything lightly and approached every misfortune with determination and humor. I simply have much respect for him. I hope to purchase one of his books soon, so I can truly grasp his ideas. To be aboveboard, he certainly inspires me to want to be a professor. I feel as if I’d get so passionate about whatever it is that I would teach. I used to believe that loyalty and honesty were the most valuable attributes to possess, yet I now sincerely give credence to the idea that creativity, innovation, and intelligence might surpass them. Recently, I’ve acquired such a grand, novel take on life, and I wish I could live a thousand years and learn so much more than I’ll be able to in one lifetime. I want to know all that there is to know and more. People often query the meaning of life, however, we’ve recognized that for a while: survive and reproduce. The meaning is not significant; There’s nothing you’re supposed to do. It should be the freedom in that very observation that incites you to take advantage of the few decades you have to act however you wish and do something nobody else has done. Think of something that hasn’t been thought. Be someone that nobody else has been. Wise are those who endeavor to negate reality.