In the brazilian dictatorship (1964-1985), there was no freedom of expression and, because of it, artists had to use their creativity a hundred times more carefuly. If their work wasn't approved by the militars who controlled what could be divulgated, they'd be tortured to death.
So, here's a playlist of some songs that passed by militars' test and some that didn't.

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Pra Não Dizer Que Não Falei Das Flores (So That No One Says I Didn't Sung Of Flowers) - Geraldo Vandré -
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Como Nossos Pais (Just Like Our Parents) - Elis Regina -
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Apesar De Você (In Spite Of You) - Chico Buarque - I couldn't find this one with english subtitles :/
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O Trem Das Onze (Eleven o'Clock' Train) - Adoniran Barbosa -
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Alo Alo Marciano (Hello Hello Martian) - Elis Regina - I couldn't find this one with english subtitles :/
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Roda Viva (Alive Wheel) - Chico Buarque -
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Águas De Março (Waters of March) - Elis Regina -
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Cálice (Chalice) - Chico Buarque - For a better understanding of this song, "cálice", that means "chalice", has the same pronounce of "cale-se", that means "shut up" in a more formal way.

I hope you learned something about Brazil's culture and enjoyed the content. vai te foder bozo.