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So today has been like the best day ever. French class was actually good today, then I ate my favorite food (sushi) with my ants which means lots of gossip and dark humor, then I ate coconut ice cream which is my favorite one, and I received the best news ever. Bye sadness, I am on cloud nine.

Okay soo I am still sick but I am getting better I promise. I don't have many updates for y'all.

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Day 20: Write about why life is worth living.

When I am very sad, to the point where I might lose control over myself, I ask people why is life worth living? because in that moment I need that spark to just keep doing it.

Life is worth living because it doesn’t have any sense if you are not in it. Life is like play-dooh, you have to mold it in whatever you want it to be. It can’t be done without working it out. Life is worth living because everyday you wake up in the morning is a victory, how many people die without seeing the sunlight ever again. It is a miracle. Because of millions of spermatozoids you cracked the egg, you were the one who ran the fastest, you were the strongest and you were destined to see the color blue in the sky and the green in the grass. Life is worth living because anything could happen, you can go from nowhere to everywhere, from one emotion to another, from feeling small to feeling huge.

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Life IS worth living, even when we can’t see because our demons are fogging up our sight, we can always win.

Life is worth living because if you were dead, you wouldn’t be able to read your favorite books, to see the people you love, to walk up to your favorite place, to breath in fresh air in the morning and the smell of a cake baking in the oven, to listen to your favorite song and listen to yourself playing it in the piano, to sing from the top of your lungs. Life is worth living because the tiny things in life make it easy for us to miss it.

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Well I guess that's it!
Hope you liked my article and have a nice day!
Stay green xx

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