Just some of th song I listen to daily. Hope you like them!!!!!!

A: Adios Amor- Christian Nodal

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

B: Bellacoso- Residente and Bad Bunny

residente and calle 13 image coachella and bad bunny image

C: Callaita- Bad Bunny

bad bunny image bad bunny and x100pre image

D: De Cero- CNCO

cnco image Christopher, erick, and vma image

E: Earth- Lil Dicky

animals, collaboration, and earth image cancion, planeta, and vida image

F: Freak Nasty- Megan Thee Stallion

megan thee stallion image body, fashion, and hair image

G: Go Loko- YG ft. Tyga and Jon Z

yg, tapatio, and go loko image tyga, rap, and yg image

H: HP- Maluma

hp and maluma image girl, tattoo, and maluma image

I: I don't F**k with you- Big Sean ft. E-40

dope, gif, and idfwu image Mature image

J: Juliette- King Lil G ft. Fresh & K.O.

Halloween, Tattoos, and ak 47 image Temporarily removed

K: Keep Ya Head Up- 2Pac

tupac, 2pac, and tupac shakur image 2pac and tupac image

L: Like You Love Me- August Alsina

august alsina image curly hair, fine, and men image

M: Mona Lisa- Lil Wayne ft. Kendrick Lamar

Abusive image Image by wealthy Net Worth

N: Not Afraid- Eminem

Abusive image Temporarily removed

O: Ocean- Karlo G

karol g image beach, sunset, and sky image

P: Pretend- CNCO

boys, Joel, and music video image boys, cuba, and ecuador image

Q: Quien Se Anima- Gerardo Ortiz

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed

R: R U Still- Phora

broken hearts, rapper, and yours truly image aesthetic, rose, and flower image

S: Soltera Remix- Lunay ft. Daddy Yankee and Bad Bunny

puerto rico, reggaeton, and bebesito image lunay image

T: Truth Hurts- Lizzo

goals, baddie, and beauty image Mature image

U: U did it Chris brown ft. Future

Image by Lisa Matthews breezy, chris brown, and cool image

V: Vamonos- Audio Push, Kap G

rap and kap g image bae, lit, and rapper image

W: Wobble Up- Chris Brown ft. Nicki Minaj and G-Eazy

Abusive image chris brown, nicki minaj, and g-eazy image

X: X-J Balvin & Nicky Jam

smile and j balvin image gif, x, and nicky jam image

Y: Yuso- Kid Ink ft.Lil Wayne and Saweetie

lil wayne, music video, and yuso image lil wayne and saweetie image

Z: Zen- Anitta

Temporarily removed brazilian, cultura, and culture image