fashion, girl, and style image fashion, outfit, and black image casual, clothes, and coat image fashion, goals, and honey image
i like casual and comfy clothes


Temporarily removed blue and flowers image ice cream, blue, and food image stars, galaxy, and sky image
blue, because it's calming and it matches my eyes


dolphin, animal, and ocean image Temporarily removed dog, flowers, and aesthetic image animal, cute, and bird image
i'm a huge dog person (i own one), i also own chickens and i ride horses. there's no particular reason for dolphins other than they're playful and intelligent and goofy and i love them


girl and food image candy, food, and sweet image pizza, beach, and summer image delicious and food image
i have huge sweet tooth and i'm american so i enjoy a good burger/ pizza


drink, summer, and lemon image food, chocolate, and strawberry image blue, red, and aesthetic image lemon, drink, and water image
lemonade! smoothies! slushies! also i don't like water so i always have to put something in it


spy image Temporarily removed book, flowers, and coffee image raspberry, food, and muffin image
kickboxing, horseback riding, reading, and baking are some of my favorite activities


Image by gabiela idiot, scar, and disney image quotes, feelings, and tumblr image love image
sarcastic and insecure

dreams + goals

car, travel, and vintage image Temporarily removed couple, love, and kiss image Temporarily removed
i want to travel, meet someone who i genuinely love and have a group of friends that i can screw around with


autumn, fall, and rain image Temporarily removed coffee, autumn, and fall image montreal image
autumn, which is coincidentally the season i was born in


Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It rain, bedroom, and bed image rain, quotes, and raindrops image
rain without the thunder, i like the sound it makes on my roof and i don't mind getting wet