This works for your sun, moon, rising/ascendant, and venus sign (if it involves a relationship). Also, these are general readings, these don't apply to everyone. If you want a personal reading, just message me.

Aries: Be yourself and follow your intuition. Take credit for all the hard work you're doing and don't stop the journey. You're heading in the right direction.

Taurus: Be open and curious. Follow your intuition. It's okay to have desires and it's okay to share your ideas with others. Go get what your heart desires and don't leo go of it.

Gemini: It's okay to have emotions. This is only the start. There might be a bad situation at one point, but look or the light at the end of the tunnel, you're powerful. It's also okay to take a break and recover from this situation you might face.

Cancer: Think about what you desire and remember the experience of getting what you desire. Don't hide or be sneaky about it. Don't just follow what you think. Rise up and take action. A new cycle might come your way.

Leo: Follow your heart always. It's okay to not be sure about something, just attack it with a clear mind, and follow your heart.

Virgo: Be connected with other people, but still continue to have that authoritative side. Live in the moment and don't think about it.

Libra: Have wonder and talk to people. If you decide to be friends with new people, something might be unfair to you, but it will possibly lead into a new relationship.

Scorpio: Be open to a new relationship, but don't instantly jump into it. Take time to heal from all your worries, overcome them, and tell the truth.

Sagittarius: Be ready for this transformation and use your emotions. Start finding new people and have the freedom to do so. Be happy and follow the light.

Capricorn: This is going to be a huge change. Walk away from this value and have a strategy when it comes to this change Follow what your heart wants.

Aquarius: Still continue to have passion and talk to people. Also it's okay for your heart to hurt. What you desire doesn't instantly come to you. Stay grounded and be yourself when it comes to this new cycle.

Pisces: It's fine to have curiosity and it's fine to have emotions. It's okay to have things stuck in your head, you're going to get what you desire after all. You might feel misunderstood, but be confident.